With a Spring in My Step

I have been remiss in welcoming my new readers from the past few weeks! I am so happy you have decided to join me on this adventure in food and beyond! I hope you find some recipes you will enjoy. Welcome one and all!

I have begun to think Mother Nature isn’t aware that we turned the calendar to April ten days ago. While it has been sunny, the temperatures have languished in the 40s if not 30s; bringing confidence to take off the snow tires, but not warm enough to let go of the winter coat. It’s that in-between weather that drives me crazy; one never knows what to wear for the day when it’s cool in the morning, but warm mid-day.

So with what I believe will be spring any moment, I’ve been creating dishes that are light and airy for this time of year. I’ve become a new devotee of radishes lately; I like to put them in my salads for a bit of crunch and peppery flavor. Plus, they are dirt cheap (.79 cents for a small bag). Twice in a week  radishes recently were mentioned and I decided to create a mixture of the two dishes. My inspiration came from cookbook author Deborah Madison, who talked about the ruby-red roots recently on the radio show, “The Splendid Table,” and the April issue of Cooking Light magazine.

This is so super simple, I don’t need to give you a step-by-step recipe! Just take some radishes and cut them paper-thin (about a cup or more) and place in a large mixing bowl. I’m not one for kitchen gadgets, but in this instance, a mandolin would be a saving grace. Add a few greens; I spied some gorgeous looking watercress that I had to have, it was the perfect combination. But spring greens, baby arugula, or pea shoots would be delicious. A few squirts of lemon juice, a small drizzle of olive oil, and some salt and pepper to taste, and you’re done. I really wanted to add some fresh chives from the herb garden, but right now they are tiny shoots, but I think they would add great flavor. I served this alongside salmon and quinoa for a healthy supper.

I have a feeling I’m going to be buying radishes and making this dish for many weeks to come. It’s healthy, low calorie, quick, and delicious! And I’m thinking of other options to add to this; some stale French bread to sop up the lemon juice and oil, even some leftover chicken or fish. I guess the possibilities are endless. Now, if it will just warm up!

5 thoughts on “With a Spring in My Step

  1. A light and tasty treat. What was that fantastic beet dish you made the other night. Did I miss a post? Spring is in the air!

  2. I’ve been running around our town issuing summons to anyone who hasn’t take down their Christmas wreaths and put away ol Frosty. You’d believe how many had the audacity not to comply with the verbal warning. Time for stronger means or Spring will never spring!

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