Eat Even More Kale! Kale Salad

It doesn't get more beautiful than this at dusk these days.

It doesn’t get more beautiful than this at dusk these days.

So I’ve brought you a couple of kale recipes through the years, sautéed kale and kale chips. This is the latest recipe that I’ve been making almost nightly for supper, Kale Salad. When the eater of the house wants more than one helping of salad, or make that kale in general, you just know it’s good!

A couple of weeks ago after a long walk with friends, I was asked if we wanted some kale from her garden. Never one to say no to fresh veggies, I accepted a large bag, even though I had just bought a bunch at the coop the day before. While I figured I’d make a big batch of kale chips, I remembered a salad recipe that I make every fall.

Kale is a hardy enough vegetable that it can withstand the first few frosts here in Vermont, and I’ve always found it to be sweeter in the fall than it is in the summertime. Which is why it makes for a delicious salad.

Because kale is tougher and less delicate than normal salad greens, the first step to take is to do something to make it a bit softer and a little more palatable to taste, which means massaging it with a little bit of olive oil. Many recipes I’ve seen have you massaging the kale for several minutes; I don’t think that’s necessary, one minute or so is fine unless your kale is extremely dry And while I feel silly literally giving my salad greens a massage (when I’m the one who needs it!), I tell myself I’m moisturizing my hands and fingernails!

This recipe is loosely based on one I used many years ago from a Food Network show. Gone is the original, but this is my rendition.


Autumn Kale Salad
Apologies, I didn’t give you this recipe last Wednesday, because I found out October 2nd was National Kale Day

4-5 stems of kale, removed from the stem, rinsed, and torn into bite-sized pieces
Olive oil

Salad dressing
The juice of half a lemon and honey. Depending on how old your lemons are will depend on how much juice it makes. Add the honey one teaspoon at a time to get the right balance of sweet and sour.

1. In a large mixing bowl, tear the kale leaves into bite-sized pieces. Add a couple teaspoons of olive oil, and “massage” the oil into the leaves for about a minute.

2. Add some almonds cut in half horizontally, and a small handful of raisins.

3. Add a little bit of salad dressing and mix. Add salt to taste.

In the Media
One of my favorite podcasts I listen to is “America’s Test Kitchen.” A combination of recipes, advice, and food observations, the one I recently listened to included an interview with food writer, Michael Pollan. I always wonder why so many children–and even adults–have food allergies these days. I can’t walk into a room without someone having a gluten, dairy, or nut allergy these days. Pollan makes the observation that given our hyper-awareness for germs in this day in age that perhaps we humans are not exposed to the germs our parents and grandparents were, and thusly that lack of exposure has allowed our guts to not get the good bacteria we actually need. This theory made a lot of sense and is one I’d never thought of before.

You can listen to the episode here,  America’s Test Kitchen Podcast.

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